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Has it ever happened to you that by mistake you left your mobile phone at home? - If yes, have you felt a sense of incompleteness, as if something is amiss? That's because today, mobile phones are an integral and indispensable part of our lives. They are the most convenient and effortless medium of staying connected with friends, family, colleagues, and almost anyone! At Naaptol, being one of the leading online shopping portals, we take special care to have an array of all the latest and best mobile phones and related accessories so that shoppers have plenty of options to choose from. Whether entry-level phones, mid-segment or high-end - a plethora of options await you at

Mobile phones can be categorized in more ways than one. You have different mobile phone standards like AMPS which is an acronym for Analog Mobile Phone Service, TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), GSM (Global System for Mobile), CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), and NTT DoCoMo, a standard only found in Japan. You can also segregate mobile phones into dual versus single SIMs, conventional mobile phones, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and smart phones, a combination of the traditional PDA and cellular phone.

Today, mobile phones are no longer mere communication devices. They have become synonymous with the world we live and the people we connect with. We live in the Smartphone era where with a couple of swipes and taps we bond with friends and family over videos, pictures, chats and more via a whole range of applications like Hangouts, Whatsapp, Hike, Twitter, Facebook and more! We also use phones for unwinding and de-stressing by using them as our very personal music system. These mobile phones come with a good MP3/AAC audio player and enough memory to store ample songs. Always make sure that your phone has plenty of onboard memory, or is upgradable to have more memory via an SD/memory card slot. is one of the leading mobile phone stores in India looking into the preferences of each and every customer. From the lowest priced mobiles (entry level mobiles) to the high segment ones - Naaptol has an enviable range of mobile handsets to satisfy customers in terms of functions, price, features, appearance etc.

As we talked about memory and SD cards a while back, it is indeed important for you to choose a mobile phone for yourself in the price range that suits you with the applications and interface that you would prefer. Taking the right decision at the time of purchase often becomes a daunting task. Innumerable brands, an overabundance of 'generations' of phones, profusion of features and specifications often rattle you as a buyer. We at Naaptol go by the dictum - Shop right, shop more. So we have something called a mobile comparison platform where you can compare up to 4 mobile phones in terms of brand, price and features.

In Mobiles we have 3 Categories:
  1. Mobile handsets
  2. Watch mobiles
  3. Mobile accessories

The Mobile Handsets category includes regular mobiles as well as smartphones, GSM and CDMA sets etc. This category brings to you a whole range of phones from a whole lot of category including leading brands like Samsung, HTC, Karbonn, Spice mobile, Lava, Sony, Micromax, Sansui, Subway, Gionee, VOX, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, LG, Spice, Blackberry, Panasonic and more. With several advanced search options available on our site, along with the mobile comparison option, selecting a phone becomes a joyride. In mobiles you are provided with a sub-category of:

Entry Level Mobiles: An entry-level mobile phone is a mobile communications device that is closer to an enhanced phone in specification and usage. The device's primary focus is on voice communication. The whole idea is to fulfill the needs of the customer in the form of communication and entertainment. These mobiles are available with GSM or CDMA connections, FM Radio, and/or games.

Mid segment mobiles: These midrange phones which are purchased by those customers who want to have an optimum quality camera phone and mostly value-for-money smartphones. These handsets can be used to transfer data, files, photos and songs from one device to another and to and from PC through USB port. These mobiles enable hands-free listening and proper communication.

High End Mobiles: These are equipped with all the latest technologies and functions possible. These mobiles are purchased by those who want to leave nothing to imagination. They can trace the shortest possible path through Geo-tagging services. They can operate their handset in any part of the world. They can use their mobile phone to download data, send emails, share their moments and much more. They can also operate their handset to obtain information in an unknown place.

The second category that Naaptol deals in is Smartwatches, in other words, watch mobiles. A smartwatch is a computerized wrist watch that does much more than time-keeping. In addition to handling basic tasks like calculations, games etc smartwatches have become mini computers or mobile phones on your wrist! Many smartwatches run mobile apps and a special segment run a mobile operating system. They also function as portable media players with options for FM radio, audio and even sharing of video files via Bluetooth. And some of them also allow making and receiving calls along the lines of a cell phone. Keeping the tech-savvy Gen X in mind, Naaptol has a good range of watch mobiles for you to pick up and flaunt.

And the best part is that all these mobile phones and mobile watches can be easily bought from at a very competitive price.

Finally comes the 3rd category of Mobiles accessories. While a mobile is a very useful communication and entertainment device, at times for its upkeep and maintenance and at other times for further enhancements mobile accessories are crucial. Naaptol has a great range of interesting mobile accessories at affordable prices.

Mobiles accessories that you get on the Naaptol online mobile shop include power banks, Bluetooth, cases and covers, hands-free, screen protectors, Bluetooth speakers, mobile batteries, car charger, mobile holders, mobile phone housings, data cables and many more!

The best thing about buying from Naaptol is the informed decision you can take before making a purchase. By virtue of the Comparison option, Naaptol gives you the unique scope of comparing as many as 4 handsets in terms of the Naaptol mobile price list, specifications and brands before coming to conclusion about the model you wish to take. Plus Naaptol mobile phones are priced competitively. It is one of the best online mobile store giving you the best mobile deals, including the lowest priced and the latest phones in India. So, for online mobile phone shopping, Naaptol mobile offers and Naaptol mobile accessories are the best bet.

Naaptol is there to assist you at every step - you can browse through the Buying guides section dealing in mobile batteries, chargers, Bluetooth and handsets to know thoroughly how they work and function. This will enable you to take the correct decision as far as buying a mobile phone, mobile accessory or smartwatch is concerned.

So if and when you buy mobile online, check out the brilliant offers on Naaptol.